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Boot Camp for teens in california

Boot Camp for teens in california?

by Boot Camps on June 29, 2010

Are you in search of a troubled teen boot camp in California that will make over your teenage son or daughter? Are you experiencing real misery just trying to be a good parent for your teen? Does your teen respond with fiery rage, disobedience and lack of respect when you ask him or her to do something simple? Is your teenager physically abusive to siblings, or to you?

Where to Send Teens for Good Results
Parents who feel unable to wield any positive influence over their adolescent children sometimes resort to teenage boot camps, which are intended for youngsters with difficult behavior. Young people who want to develop their self-reliance and self-esteem can also take advantage of these camps, and there are also boot camps for adolescents seeking weight loss. The State of California hosts an assortment of camps, both co-ed and single sex, for a range of ages.


An example of a boot camp in California is TeenSavers, which offers a residential treatment program for behavioral problems and substance abuse. Boys and girls age 13-18 can also take advantage of Visions Adolescent Drug Abuse Treatment Program, especially if they have other problems, including psychoses, eating disorders, and disruptive and/or self-harming behaviors.

Abundant Life Academy

Abundant Life Academy is a Christian-based residential approach to healing that highlights spirituality as the path to recovery. Another treatment center is Echo Malibu, and their rehabilitation options include art, animals, writing, drama, group and individual therapies.

What About Older Teens?
Older teens interested in living the disciplined military lifestyle can sign up with Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. This camp is located in San Diego on the Southern California coast and generally offers training to the military students who would like to join the Marines. Camp Pendleton is the main US Marine Corps base on the West Coast, also serving as its primary base for amphibious training.

Helping Teens with Adolescent Independence
Young people fight with their own sense of self-worth as they approach the independence associated with adulthood. Boot camps offer curricula that physically and psychologically test these adolescents. A teen that goes to boot camp leaves his or her familiar environment to enter a new one. Boot camp teens leave behind the people who know them as “problem kids” and embark on experiences that allow them to demonstrate their skills and character anew.

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SeargMarge June 29, 2010 at 9:21 am

Camp Pendelton doesn’t offer a Boot camp. It takes place on the Marine Corps Recruit Days. That training will take you to Camp Pendelton for a time but then it is back to MCRD to resume and ultimately complete your training.


momthebomb June 29, 2010 at 9:21 am

Camp Pendelton in San Diego California does have a free, voluntary ‘boot camp’. I say, ‘boot camp’ in quotes because it is not a full boot camp but will provide some training, physical fitness and discipline for your child.


DeeterRay April 23, 2012 at 10:42 am

My son has strange behavior he has used drugs achohol and now he is cutting his arms please help he acts and does things to make us feel bad, he does not care for hygiene nor rules I need help please he is 16 does not care for homework.


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