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Boot camp for kids advises the parents, guardians and care takers to check with the concerned legal department before taking any decision to join any of the boot camps from the advertisers in our website, or from the links in the post where many parents or people express their opinions.

The website and its management is not responsible or liable for any loss incurred to any of the parents, guardians and care takers or visitors or registered members of our site by joining any program from our advertisers or any sort of that matter. We once again advise you to please take proper care and cross check before taking decision to enroll in any program.

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Nicole September 28, 2011 at 3:15 am

Hi my name is Nicole . I am taking care of 3 kids one is mine the other 2 r twins they r 6 years old and they r twins a girl and a boy. I have been with their dad for 6 years and I have been raising them since they were 6 months old. The boy Ahmeen is so out of control that I dont know what to do. I can’t really explain how out of control he is because my list would go on n on… But I do the best parenting i can I have looked on line I have sat down with him and had many talks with him and me and his father r losing our minds because we don’t know what to do. I can’t really focus on the other 2 kids as much as I would like because I am concisely watching him and yelling at him because he does all the wrong things he just started school and in the first week of school he was about to get suspended the first week. He poked a little girl in the private parts with a pencil and he did it twice since he been to school. The teacher is fed up already with his behavior problems and it hasn’t been a month yet since he been In school. He is wild and very out of control in school that he was sent to a different school for a few months to get the help he needs. Now he been to this new school only a week and he is getting kicked out Tom they cannot handle him that was suppose to help him but he is so out of control that they do not want him and they don’t have the staff to handle this 6 year out of control boy. He’s mom is not in the picture much but I am there. I have tried with all I can to straigten this kid out by myself but it is not working. I am stressed out and have no where else to turn. He may not be able to return back to the school he was attending because his teacher said if the other school can’t handle him she sure can’t because she has 35 students in her class and cant teach them or focus on them because she has to give ahmeen all her attention just like I have to at home and just like my babysitter has to do at her home. I work a Full time job and still try to give ahmeen my full attention but I have to care for the other 2 kids and it’s really hard with ahmeens behavior problems. We need help. I dont know who else to turn to or go to but he is not a normal 6 year old boy we love him dearly but we r stressed out and we need help so bad. Please help us if u can


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